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16mm – 6 mm cross connector

These fit into 16mm o.d supply tube and have two 6mm connections.

16mm – 6mm T Connector

  • They are inserted in-line at the point where an AQUAvalve or aquaPot is positioned

  • They provide a water tight connection unlike many other types of reduction fittings

  • They work in exactly the same way as the 16mm to 6mm cross connector but this fitting has one connection for 6mm pipe whereas the cross connector provides two connections for 6mm pipe


6mm T Connector

6mm Tees are used to extend your system if you are using 6mm pipe. A 6mm Tee is supplied with each of the 2Pot Extension Kits to easily extend the easy2grow Kit.

6mm tap

  • Allowing you to turn off the water supply if you need to undertake any maintenance

  • They can also be added to the end of a layout so that now and again you can open the tap and allow the lines to be flushed, removing a sediment or lime scale build-up that might occur over time

  • This will only take a couple of minutes and only needs to be done every couple of weeks


Autopot AirDome

If you are lucky enough to have power in your greenhouse or polytunnel this little addition can increase yields by up to 130%. It is very simple to use once assembled, which will take less than 30 seconds. The AirDome is placed at the bottom of the pot, covered with compost and then connected to an air pump. Oxygen is then supplied directly to the plants’ root zone, improving crop development and ensuring maximum growth.

Autopot Easy2Grow 2 Pot Starterkit including watertank bulk

  • The easy2grow system will water & feed your plants using 8.5 litre pots without the need for pumps, timers and electricity. It provides a fully automatic supply of water and nutrients, with a built in wet/dry cycle to mimic natural systems. Whether using the easy2grow starter kit or multiple easy2grow extension kits on a vast commercial scale this system provides everything the plant requires. This system can be used as a hydroponic set up or with the medium/substrate of your choice. By operating automatically and reliably the easy2grow system allows gardeners to relax, to go away for weekends and still be sure of healthy plants and bumper harvests.

  • 1x 47 ltr tank, lid & 6mm top hat grommet 1x 2Pot tray and lid 2x 8.5 litre pots 1x AQUAvalve 1x 6mm inline tap 2x root control discs 2x marix discs 1x 1.5 metres of 6mm pipe 1x 6mm golf filter


Marix disk autopot easy2grow and 1 pot

  • The discs are black in colour and are placed inside the pot. The purpose of the Marix Disc is to prevent compost or soil from leaving the pot, keeping the system clean & the AQUAvalve free from debris

  • They will also provide minimum protection from escaping roots

  • Although the Marix Discs will last several seasons it is advisable to replace the discs at the beginning of each season, this will prevent any disease from being transferred if present.


Root control autopot easy2grow and 1 pot

  • The purpose of the Root Control Disc is to prevent roots from leaving the pot & heading towards the AQUAvalve. They are very effective due to the special metallic gold coating

  • Please note that roots even though they are tender have the ability to go through concrete, therefore it is wise to occasionally lift the pot to see if any have managed to escape the barrier. If so you can simply cut away the roots with a pair of scissors. This will in no way harm the plant.

  • Although the discs will last several seasons it is advisable to replace the discs at the beginning of each season, this will prevent any disease from being transferred if present.